Finding what we love

“How do you find what you love doing?”

It was a nice coincidence that I stumbled upon this article – Solving Gen Y’s Passion Problem – in the morning before speaking on a panel where we had to answer that exact question.

I’m always surprised by how many decisions society expects young people to be able to make about their lives. I remember a conversation I had with a doctor at Starship Children’s Hospital about the medical school interviews, where she remarked that to expect 18 and 19 year old university students to articulate their reasons and motivations to become a doctor is really to practice a necessary fiction.

I think back to every interview and every application that I have made where I was asked about my future career ambitions, and to each I responded with my genuine intentions at the time. These answers change on a yearly (if not monthly) basis, because you can’t help but to see and discover more of the vast, vast world and all the interesting things that it has to offer as you grow and become older.

There is an urgency in this generation to find these passions (‘tell me about passions’) and dreams (‘follow your dreams’).

I seldom meet people whose lives have gone according to plan. In fact, there’s a recurring theme in people who speak of their life and the opportunities they took as being unpredictable, random and out of their control.

Could you see yourself to be where you are now, when you were a student? The answer is almost always – No.

I have a theory that as long as you keep moving (forwards), you’ll get to a point where you can look back and connect the dots and discover that you are, in fact, living the dream.


2 thoughts on “Finding what we love

  1. Certainly is an interesting opinion
    I guess no one really knows what’s to come next except god.
    three people I know died before they reached 55 and it makes me think how short life really is. A clap and it’s all over. I guess it’s just like what Buddha says “don’t dream of the future nor live in the past but focus on the present” and most importantly live everyday like its ur last.

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