One of the (many) wonderful things about mankind is our ability and motivation to strive and struggle for the things worth struggling for.

The driver for change, whether on a macro or micro level, lies in the ability to imagine something different and then to create and craft out that reality through sheer determination and single-minded belief.

I’ve been reading a lot this week, and writing very little. I am doing a rather terrible job of producing written work this week – for work, for my research, for this blog – I often find myself tripping over ideas.

My brain has inconveniently decided to go on strike for an indeterminate period.

The good news though is that I have been reading a lot, and coming across stories of people who have overcome gigantic boulders dumped into their lives. The way that these people have been able to completely turn their stories around never ceases to inspire me.

Sometimes I feel a bit guilty for feeling overwhelmed over rather insignificant worries (I am currently stressing over a 7,500 word paper that I have to write over the weekend…) when I know that I live a largely privileged life. Sure, things could be better – things can always be better – but I wouldn’t take my chances to be randomly born into this world again.

At least I wake up to a roof over my head every morning, a laptop with good internet connection (indispensable!) and career options worth deciding between.

Below is a list of some of the things I have stumbled upon this week, that are worth a watch/read/listen:

  1. A TED talk by an incredible Australian woman who learned that a broken body does not make for a broken person, after having her dreams of competing in the Winter Olympics shattered when she was hit by a truck.
  2. This article about the modern young professional that fails to ‘grow up’.
  3. This piece on Thought Catalog about moving on from hurt.
  4. This video about a 15 year old boy from Sierra Leone and his visit to MIT. His story of how and why he taught himself to build gadgets is heart-warming.

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