The success indicator

I came across this infographic today, based on on the observations of MaryEllen Tribby. Although the definition of a “successful” person will vary, it’s striking to note that many of the people that I admire and/or have a lot of respect for seem to fall overwhelmingly into the left hand side category.

While these individuals may not be the wealthiest or most powerful of individuals (wealth and power being a typical definition of success), they all exude qualities that make them such outstanding people.

One of the interesting and unexpected things in the list is that successful people keep a journal, and unsuccessful people say they do but in reality don’t. I have tried and failed many times over to keep a journal (I’m very good at starting things, but struggle to finish them) until I decided to try a new medium: a quasi-journal blog. If the blog is a stage, then these posts are each a soliloquy – me speaking to myself out loud, trying to make sense of what’s happening in the world around me.

Although I haven’t quite figured out whether writing has significantly changed the way I do things, it’s definitely been a great place to process past events and understand the context in which things happen. It’s helped me clarify my thinking and figure out how I want to deal with some tough choices, and most importantly it has enabled me to record significant lessons or moments in my life and ask the big questions.

I’m glad that keeping a journal is one thing I can tick off, as there are a lot of things on that list that I am really awful at  – setting goals and developing life plans being one of them. Fingers crossed that I’ll be able to look back in a few months (years?) and see a few more ticks off the list!

The Success Indicator


One thought on “The success indicator

  1. Very simple and well summarised inforgraphic. I’m also beginning to realise the importance of recording things down in journals/blogs and serves a really good cringe worthy read later in the future. It’s definitely hard for me to just write my mind sometimes, I think there’s still fear that’s holding me back – fear of edit free thoughts and just letting things uncensored.

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