Hello, my name is Alice and these are my stories.

Quick facts:

  1. I was named after a Beethoven piece (Für Elise).
  2. I like to laugh.
  3. I like to read and tell stories.
  4. I am 22 years young.
  5. I live in the fabulous city of Auckland, in a little (but not insignificant) country called New Zealand.
  6. I studied law, economics and philosophy.
  7. I dabble in music, playing a few instruments and also writing and recording music in my spare time.
  8. I am fascinated by the human condition.
  9. I like sunshine and the outdoors.
  10. I live off hot chocolates.
  11. I teach music and learn a lot about life from little kids (they are incredible).
  12. I like to keep things simple.
  13. I have a cat.
  14. I love playing tennis (writing about tennis and how it relates to life will be inevitable).
  15. I was born in Beijing, and grew up in Auckland with relatively progressive but traditional Chinese parents.
  16. I like to make lists.
  17. I like flowers.
  18. I actively seek new adventures, and love discovering new places, people and cultures.
  19. I have travelled around: Australia, China, France, Germany, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, USA.
  20. I have an interest in, and will probably write about the following things: finding purpose, social entrepreneurship, being a twentysomething, stuff about society, music, discrimination, people that I meet, mundane things that I suddenly find interesting, philosophy, development, things that inspire me, the ‘bamboo ceiling’, education, and life generally.



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